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Welcome to Crab Island....
A submerged island located on the North side of the Destin bridge. As you cross the Destin bridge, during the spring and summer months, you will see anywhere from tens to hundreds of boats anchored in the bay over the shallow sandbar. This is where locals and tourists alike anchor to spend the day swimming, snorkeling, and playing football. as well as Frisbee and volleyball. They also have a huge water trampoline, a giant water slide, floating volleyball nets, basketball hoops, kayak, yolo board, and jet ski rentals, and many, many other fun toys and activities. Crab Island ranges from 1—10 feet deep... depending on where you anchor.
Bring Cash/Credit... During the summer season there are multiple restaurant/snack barges selling a wide variety of food items.  By boat, vendors sell Ice cream, boiled peanuts, and pizza.  They even have live bands playing on one barge, and the local radio station hosts wiffle ball, "chicken" fighting (look that one up), and other amusing things.
Holiday weekends are a little crazy on Crab Island...So book your cruise early.

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