Crab Island Cruises, LLC - You have the fun, & let the Captain do the driving!
I provide the following for each cruise:

-Boat & Captain
-Can koozie for each guest to keep
-Free photo SD card of your fun day with Crab Island Cruises
-Life jackets
-Floats & water toys
-Coolers with ice-no need to bring these items, we can keep your food and drinks cold.
-Bottled water
-1 case of your chosen beverage
-Beer Pong table
-Beer bong

I recommend you bring the following items on your cruise:

-Towels (I have several, in a pinch)
-Sunscreen - there is some on the boat, should you forget
-Hats or visors
-Non-slip shoes
-Cell phone
-ipod (I have a large selection of music on my personal phone through Spotify, but you may prefer your own.) 

Let's Talk FOOD- there are a couple of options. 
1) there are food and snack vendors-typical offerings Burgers, Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheese, Fries, Boiled Peanuts, Ice cream
2) bring your picnic!  We have plenty of room to keep items cold.  Suggestions: Cold Cut Sandwiches, Fried Chicken, cold pasta salads, coleslaw, fruit, chips, pretzels, desserts. I have plates and plastic ware available, so no need to worry about those.
                                                 C.I. Burgers                                                                                            Reef Burger                                                                                           WaterWorld                                                                                           Chomp-n-Chill                                                                                 Chomp-n-Chill taco stand                                                                           Gulf stream ice cream                                                                          Rob's hot boiled peanuts
-Any other items you feel you need. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask!

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