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Are you thinking about renting a pontoon boat, but you don't want the hassle of driving? We are a "private tour" company, with certified captains! Wouldn't you rather just sit back and enjoy the ride? Why not rent the boat & the Captain?  Let Crab Island Cruises do the work for you! Whether you're vacationing in Destin or a year round local, plan your day with Captain Walt and Crew. We will strive to make it the best and most memorable day you have ever had on the water..  

About Crab Island Cruises


 Established in 2011, this owner operated company is based on the belief that our customers should have fun! As we see it, vacations do not come often enough. We will do everything in our power to ensure every customer enjoys their time on the water.  Whether you are looking for a wild day at Crab Island, a cruise through Destin Harbor, or a relaxing day on a private island, Crab Island Cruises is here for YOU! We are committed to making you happy. It our desire to have a high percentage of repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry...and don't forget...the most FUN!



Destin, FL Open: 7 Days a Week 



What is Crab Island?


Crab Island is a sandbar that is located just South of the Marler Bridge in Destin, FL. Crab Island started to gain in popularity as boaters used the area to anchor their boats to catch some rays and wade on the sandbar. Now Crab Island has erupted into a popular social scene where locals and tourists congregate for fun and sun. Crab Island is just minutes from the Destin Harbor. Anyone who has been to Crab Island has seen the vast array of marine life. From dolphins to seabirds, friendly animal encounters at Crab Island Destin FL are commonplace.

So, why is it called Crab Island? Before a hurricane covered the once tiny island in emerald waters, Crab Island was a small plot of land shaped like… you guessed it… a CRAB! Along with the thousands of tiny crabs found on the floor of the sandbar, it’s easy to see why it is called Crab Island! 


Meet The  Captains

Captain Walt Forster, Owner

Captain Sean Moore

Captain Robbie Barton 

Captain Max  Maxwell

Captain Marshall Mathis

Captain Bob Williams 

Captain Britt Gammon

Captain BrianMcNutt

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